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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions


The following terms and conditions apply to ALL bookings made by schools, unless otherwise specified.  

1. Safe Management Measures 
a.       All programmes conducted at MOE OALCs should adhere to prevailing Safe Management Measures (SMM). Please contact the respective OALC Managers directly for the centre-specific SMM.
b.      Due to SMM at MOE OALC, schools should expect activities to take longer to complete and students may experience a lesser variety of activities, e.g. 4-hours (instead of 2-hours) will be needed for a class of 40 students to complete the High Challenge Course at MOE OALCs with SMM in place.

2. Booking of OALCs  
a.       All bookings should be made with Physical, Sports and Outdoor Education Branch (PSOEB) and are non-transferable.
b.      Schools should not exceed the capacity allowed in an OALC.
In the assessment of the capacity limit, consideration has been given to the accompanying teachers and instructors.

OALC Max Capacity (No. of students)
Changi Coast 280
Dairy Farm 240
Jalan Bahtera 320
 Labrador 280  

c.       Each school (Except JC/MI/IP Yr 5&6) is entitled to one 3-day booking for an OAL Cohort Programme in Phase 1 or 2 of the Booking Exercise.
The details are as follows:                    
i.            All schools shall make the booking according to the allocated time. A booking may be submitted at or after the allocated time.                 
ii.            Schools that have a cohort size of more than 320 students may book two slots to accommodate the cohort. These two slots must be used for the same cohort and covering the same objectives.                
iii.            All 3-day bookings should start either on Monday or Thursday. This parameter is not applicable if there is a school/public holiday on a weekday during the week.               
iv.            Each Junior College / Millenia Institute / Integrated Programme (Year 5/6) may book one slot that is between 1 to 3 days during Phase 2C. This booking need not be for a cohort OAL programme.

d.      Each school is entitled to make one booking that is between 1 to 3 days in duration during Phase 3 of the booking exercise.
e.       Upon confirmation of the booking by schools, an email will be sent to the teacher(s)-in-charge, school leaders and HOD as registered in the booking portal.

3. Operating Times
a.       OALCs are closed on Sundays and public holidays.
b.      Schools that wish to use the OALCs outside of regular operating times may submit a request to PSOEB (MOE_PSOEB_OAL@moe.gov.sg). Such requests will be subject to approval by Deputy Director, Physical Sports and Outdoor Education, Outdoor Education [DDPSO(OE)].

4. Check-in and Check-out Times  
a.       Schools may check-in from 8.00am. Check-out should be no later than 5.30pm.

5. Sharing of OALC
a.       Sharing of OALC between different schools or different cohorts from the same school remain suspended until further notice.

6. Change or Cancellation of Booking  
a.       For all changes or cancellations, schools are required to submit their written request, with reason(s), to the following Officers-in-charge before the stipulated deadline.
The details are as follows:
Types of ProgrammesOfficer-in-ChargeApproving AuthorityDeadline for Submission
Cohort OAL ProgrammesNg Daojia (Mr)
For camp programmes in Term 1 2021 At least one month prior or by 15 Jan 2021, whichever earlier

For camp programmes from Term 2 to 4 2021 15 Jan 2021
All other programmesYong Yao Feng (Mr)
Deputy Director,
At least 2 months prior (or by 1 Dec 2020 if booking is in Jan 2021)

b.      Schools that submit their request after the stipulated deadline or do not to provide valid reason(s) may be placed at the end of the ballot order in the Booking Exercise conducted in the following year.

6. Site Recce  
a.       Schools should conduct a site recce at least 2 months prior to the start of their programmes.
b.      Schools are to contact the respective OALC Managers to arrange for the recce.

7. Online Check-in and Check-out of OALCs  
a.       Schools should perform the Online Check-in (www.moeoalc.gov.sg) at least 2 weeks before the start of the programme to inform the respective OALC Managers of the resources required.
b.      Online Check-out should be completed within one week after the end of the programme. An email with the check-out link will be sent to the of the teacher(s)-in-charge. The online check-out can only be submitted once.

8. Responsibility of Schools Using MOE OALCs  
a.       Schools shall be fully responsible for the OALCs booked, even if external agencies or vendors are engaged in the running the programmes.
b.      Schools are to ensure that use of facilities and grounds of the OALCs adhere strictly to the Standard Operating Procedures, Instructional Manuals (where available) and SMM of the OALCs.
c.       Schools are to ensure that activities are conducted by certified/qualified personnel.
d.      Personnel who do not possess the required prerequisite will be barred from conducting activities at the centre.
e.       The Camp Commandant / Overall Teacher-in-charge must be in present in the OALC throughout the duration of the programme. A Deputy Camp Commandant or covering Teacher-in-charge should be appointed in the absence of the Camp Commandant / Overall Teacher-in-charge.
f.        Schools are required to sign out all items on loan, and schools will be accountable for any missing or damaged items/facilities. Schools will be required to pay for or make good any damaged or missing item/facility.

9. Charges  
a.       The charges for the use of the facilities at the OALCs are waived for all MOE schools.

10. Security  
a.       Security service will be provided at the OALCs during school camps.  

MOE reserves the right to the use of OALCs and facilities.
MOE reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.

Updated 19 Oct 2020