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OAL Cohort Camps

OAL Cohort Camps provide learning experiences that cannot be replicated in the classroom. They provide authentic contexts in which students apply what they have learnt from Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) and Outdoor Education in Physical Education (OE in PE) lessons. The richness and complexity of experiences, such as working with their peers to overcome challenges or navigating in a new environment during a journey, allow them to extend and deepen their learning from the classroom into real-life.

Under the National Outdoor Adventure Education (OAE) Master Plan, students will experience three milestone OAL camping experiences in school:

Primary 5Secondary 1Secondary 3
3 Day 2 Night OAL Cohort Camp4 Day 3 Night OAL Cohort Camp5 Day 4 Night MOE-OBS Challenge Programme

The National OAE Master Plan aims to develop our students holistically by:
a. Building their confidence and resilience
b. Enabling them to value diversity through in-depth interaction opportunities
c. Forging camaraderie with others through common challenging experiences
d. Laying a foundation for active and healthy living

The OAL Cohort Camps serve as an extension of the OE in PE curriculum, as well as part of the Student Development Experiences (SDE), under the CCE curriculum. These camps provide opportunities for students to apply their learning in an authentic context through a variety of outdoor living experiences and adventurous activities. The Primary 5 and Secondary 1 OAL Cohort Camps culminate in the MOE-OBS Challenge Programme at Secondary 3. Collectively, these OAL experiences contribute towards students’ attainment of the aims of the National OAE Master Plan.

MOE-OAE run Camps

To support the development of 21st Century Competencies in cohort camping, MOE employs Outdoor Adventure Educators (OAEs) to provide quality camping experience for our students. The OAEs will conduct camp activities, facilitate students’ reflections and learning, and monitor students’ well-being during the camp. 

These OAEs are deployed at Changi Coast OALC and Dairy Farm OALC. 

For more information on MOE-OAE run Camps, please click here.

MOE-OBS Challenge Programme 

The MOE-OBS Challenge Programme is part of the National Outdoor Adventure Education Master Plan to build confidence, resilience, ruggedness and teamwork in Singaporean students. Through the Masterplan, these students are also expected to develop a better appreciation of the broad range of talents in society, and bond with fellow Singaporeans from different social background, beyond those they meet in their own families and school communities.

It comprises a five-day expedition-based course where two to four schools will send their whole cohort of Secondary 3 students to OBS. Through this Programme, students will learn to work together with peers from diverse backgrounds, harnessing each other’s strengths to overcome challenges in the outdoors, and in turn develop life skills such as resilience, ruggedness and teamwork. In addition, the Programme will require participating schools to conduct pre- and post-course lessons to ensure the achievement of the learning outcomes and transfer of learning to other areas of the students’ life.