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Updated 26 Oct 2020: The artificial caving system at Jalan Bahtera OALC is closed until further notice.
MOE Jalan Bahtera Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre is located in the north-western part of Singapore, off Lim Chu Kang Road. Located in an idyllic setting, the centre exudes a rustic charm as it faces the sea and is surrounded by much greenery. The centre can easily accommodate
320 participants in 2-storey longhouse-style dormitories with discussion areas beneath each dormitory. The centre also has a Multi-Purpose Hall and dining hall to support various camping activities. The centre is equipped with a range of adventure facilities like a 2-Tier High Challenge Course, Rock Climbing wall, Abseil and Zipline Tower, Low Elements and an Artificial Caving System for team-building.

The adventure facilities at JBOALC underwent enhancements in 2014. The High Challenge Course now has two tiers to offer different levels of challenges to participants depending on their ability and readiness. The course is also designed to allow participants to work individually or in teams, as well as decision making in terms of route selection.

An artificial caving system was added to the centre in 2015, offering opportunities for problem-solving and decision-making in teams in a safe and well-monitored environment. The caving experiences can be varied to suit the needs of students from different age groups.

The nearby Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and Kranji Nature Trail offer excellent opportunities for experiences in nature. The centre is also located near the Kranji countryside which is occupied by a variety of farms. This rich tapestry of surroundings provides a broad platform for learning about flora and fauna as well as the livelihoods unique to such areas.

69 Jalan Bahtera (off Lim Chu Kang Road), Singapore719920
Tel: 67914202
Centre Manager / Email
Mr Zulkeflee 
Adventure Facilities
1. *High Elements
- High Challenge Course – 2 Tiers, Safe Roller & Smart Snap (Continuous Belay system) 
- Abseil – 6 Lanes (2 Low & 4 High) 
- Outdoor Rockwall – 4 Lanes (2 Low & 2 High) 
- Indoor Rockwall – 2 Lanes 
- Zipline 

2. Low Elements – 14 stations 

3. Artificial Caving System

*Relevant instructor certifications are required for the conduct of activities at the High Elements.
*Instructor qualifications are only valid for use at the centre if they are presented together with valid Standard First Aid Certification (In-accordance with Sports Singapore List of Accredited Standard First Aid Courses & only Physical Certificates/Cards are accepted).
General Facilities
2 Teacher’s Rooms (accommodates 20) 
1 Sick bay 
1 Dining hall 
3 Outdoor Cooking Pits 
1 Multi-purpose Hall
Mobile Campfire Pit
Possible activity venues in the vicinity
Kranji Countryside 
Kranji Heritage Trail 
War & Peace Trail: The Kranji Experience 
Kranji Reservoir Park and Dam 
Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve 
Kranji Nature Trail 
Kranji War Memorial